Guaranteed and insured energy savings

Egotia is an energy efficiency company with extensive experience in implementing and executing quantifiable savings for our customers. Simply put, our rate of return driven approach allows us to achieve a measured overall savings for you.  Since we are product agnostic at our core, wide product margins attached to unproven technologies are immediately disqualified from Egotia’s offerings. We maintain a strict standard of measurement and performance verification via monthly audits of your actual electrical billings. We report the audited financial impact to you on a quarterly basis. We also install monitoring devices that measure and display electrical usage directly to your desktops or mobile devices. This allows you to monitor actual savings throughout the energy savings project.

Egotia’s unique program evaluates a facility as an integrated, operating whole. The systematic issues impacting a facility’s electrical consumption are many. We offers a system for reducing the cost of operating your current electrical equipment and systems. Our programs are funded via energy savings derived from Egotia implemented systems.

We would like to perform an Assessment on your company’s electrical system and operations. This Assessment will be to specifically identify a suite of electrical improvements that will reduce your electrical costs by 8% to 30%, risk free. The enclosed materials explain the process of the Assessment.

We focus on implementing a range of electrical engineering and contracting technologies that includes the following areas:
  • Balancing of phase loading
  • Correcting motor phase demand imbalances
  • Reducing branch circuit losses
  • Reactive and harmonic current loading
  • Performing spot maintenance on specific points of high resistive losses
  • Correcting inefficient placements of lighting fixtures, transformers, and/or distribution gear
  • Adjusting load or branch circuit voltages higher or lower
  • Thermal Loss Assessment – Insulation Assessment
  • Lighting Assessment
  • Power Factor Quality correction
  • Cooling Tower Cycle Efficiency
  • Demand Charge Management
  • Electrical KwH COGS analysis
  • Energy Generation Monitoring and performance measurement

Egotia does all of this in a coordinated and transparent process that predictably increases plant efficiency.

Thank you for the opportunity for Egotia to serve you and your company. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction. We take pride in our attention to detail and will carry ourselves with excellence from start to finish.

Best Regards,
Tillman R. Holloway
Egotia, LLC