The Process

Egotia’s measured and guaranteed energy saving solutions yields a minimum of 8% reduction of energy costs with a maximum payback term of 36 months. Our energy savings solutions are backed by a third party insured savings guarantee. Our preliminary energy savings assessment provides our customers with transparent guidelines describing the process, timelines, and procedures

Egotia’s system includes a unique package of electrical contracting and energy savings products and services guaranteed to decrease electrical, maintenance, repair and equipment replacement costs while improving the overall quality of our customer’s electrical power.

Deliver the most recent 12 months of electric bills to Egotia

Egotia will review and input the last 12 months of your electric statements into our engineering software. This data will be used to help establish a baseline for measurement of our efficiency improvements.  After reviewing the electric statements, we will determine the path to identifying solutions that maximize energy savings.

Prepare and Execute an Assessment Agreement for your facility

A trained Egotia field representative will meet with your designated guide and perform a detailed assessment of your company’s electrical system and operations. The Egotia field representative will ask a comprehensive set of questions concerning your electrical system, equipment operations, electrical billing issues and history, and any current or past power quality and electrical maintenance challenges.

The Assessment Agreement will define the terms of performing an electrical audit of your facility that will result in a Design & Engineering Proposal. The Design & Engineering Proposal will plainly state the insured minimum savings guarantee and the minimum pay back period of the proposed system.  Egotia will guarantee electrical savings that yield a minimum of 8% reduction of your costs, including a maximum payback term of 36 months, or you will bear no cost or obligation.

Execute the Design & Engineering Proposal

If the Design & Engineering Proposal ensures savings that meet or exceed our minimum guarantee stated in the Assessment Agreement, the customer agrees to install the Egotia Proposal or pay for the assessment. We will present the customer with the Design & Engineering Proposal that will communicate the precise conditions and circumstances identified in the proposed facility.

Installation of the Equipment and System

An Egotia project in your facility is a carefully designed plan of energy and electrical system improvements and adjustments. Our specially trained project manager will manage the entire installation.

Our project managers are sensitive to electrical system downtime and critical installation deadlines with minimal disturbance or employment involvement. Egotia’s experienced team is dedicated to accommodating the requirements of your project including: 24/7 operating schedules, mission critical loads or building areas, high security or high risk areas, extreme sanitation or contamination regulations

We perform initial and ongoing verification of your savings

Egotia’s program is built from top-to-bottom to meet your requirements for an exceptional capital project. A fundamental requirement is that the savings performance of our work must be simple to monitor and accurately verify. From the moment your Egotia representative performs the assessment of your facility to the day your installation is completed; our entire process is designed to allow you the ability to monitor savings realized from Egotia’s energy saving solutions.


Egotia’s time-proven system for gaining energy savings is focused around a set of industry accepted best practices for system maintenance and power conditioning.  We help create a lightly loaded, well maintained, well balanced electrical system; powering an array of properly loaded, well balanced, and cost justified power-conditioned electrical loads. These factors will demonstrate a remarkable degree of efficiency leading to significant energy savings. Very few existing buildings have had the necessary scrutiny applied to determine these factors or to evaluate their cost implications. Oftentimes facilities lack adequate staff required to perform the high intensity effort to achieve and maintain ideal electrical operating conditions. Our ongoing maintenance services allow our customers to continue to benefit from evolving technologies and the respective energy saving solutions offered by Egotia.