Effective energy management starts with a good strategy. Egotia' s energy purchasing plan offers risk management and budgeting stability. Our primary goal is to achieve maximum return on our client' s energy investment. Egotia energy management and sustainability experts are here to help you become a more efficient, more profitable company.

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Increase Annual
Cash Flow

  • Cash claims settled annually
  • No technology mitigating loopholes
  • Adds financing flexibility
  • Protects investment dollars against the promised ROI
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Best in Class

  • Proven technology, manufacturers, & performance
  • Metered & financially audited
  • Quarterly Performance Reports
  • Adhere to AERG (Advanced Energy Retrofit Guides)
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  • Off-book financing available
  • Up to 20 year term
  • Rates as low as 1.99%
  • Hundreds of funding sources
  • Professional PACE implementors

About Us

Egotia Energy Purchasing is a energy procurement provider that services manufacturing companies all over the world. EEP offers clients a proprietary purchasing plan that uses market hedging to alleviate risks and maximize profits. Our team specializes in developing a fully customized energy solution that delivers quantifiable results to your bottom line.

Our Process

our process



Develop a comprehensive plan that fits your goals and charts your progress.

Egotia Energy Purchasing challenges your organization to view energy and sustainability issues strategically by ensuring all decisions support the financial and operational integrity of your business. By actively developing and executing a detailed, strategic energy procurement plan, corporations can take control of their expenditures, making energy costs more manageable and predictable.

There are factors which present both great risks and great opportunities in the energy procurement area:

  • Price Volatility: frequent extreme price movements
  • Deregulation of energy : presenting a myriad of flexible purchasing options.
  • New technologies : to reduce energy consumption, or generate and store electricity.

Managing price risks is the new corporate mantra, and with a customized, long-term, strategic energy procurement plan, corporations no longer have to be price-takers. They can take control of expenditures and reduce overall energy costs, making them more manageable, stable, and predictable.

With clear corporate strategy objectives, a customized energy purchasing strategy can be developed for each facility, based on its location, particular usage patterns, and physical structure.

During the past 10 years, Egotia' clients have benefited from propriety tools for analysis, development, and execution of a customized energy purchasing strategy, achieving an average 16% savings on energy costs.


Negotiate the best terms with every supplier and minimize risk.

There are many options for purchasing energy, and one must thoroughly examine the pros and cons of each option before developing a detailed energy purchasing plan. Egotia developed a set of proprietary analytic tools used to craft and execute an effective and flexible strategy which mitigates risks, reduces volatility, increases budget certainty and stabilityand significantly reduces overall energy expenditures.


Monitor your operations to ensure reliability, power quality and billing accuracy.

Egotia Electric has a range of tools designed to give your company online access to energy usage data from each meter in your facility. This service makes your facility more energy efficient by collecting and analyzing interval data and developing a corresponding energy benchmarking model. When analyzing data adjusted for factors such as production and weather, Schneider Electric' s Energy Data Analytics is ideal for identifying opportunities to improve efficiency.

Egotia' s utility bill management solution is custom-fit to your specific business needs. Our implementation specialists help you streamline your data collection and payment schedules, while reducing late fees, shut-off notices and your internal invoice processing costs.


Execute targeted efficiency projects with demonstrable ROI.

Egotia' s energy efficiency experts work side-by-side with your facility managers and engineers to identify operational inefficiencies, prioritize a list of efficiency projects and execute these projects in a timely fashion. Organizations typically realize energy savings of more than 10% with this program.

Our team is experienced in identifying and implementing measures to reduce energy usage. In addition to summarizing potential energy savings and recommending efficiency projects, our experts evaluate facility performance against targets. We recommend changes in processes and equipment so you meet regulatory requirements and benefit from financial incentives.

Egotia takes energy efficiency and sustainability projects from concept to implementation. Let us design, scope and manage your efficiency projects, including evaluating sites, managing contractors, securing rebates and incentives, and measuring performance to match anticipated return.


Access robust support services and reporting software to ensure optimum performance.

The need to report on improved environmental performance is balanced against the risk of penalties, increased taxes or even worse-loss of revenue. Egotia supports all aspects of reporting and compliance to identify, quantify and implement environmental efficiency and improvement projects.

Regulations for mandatory building audits, building certification schemes and environmental accreditation vary from country to country. Administrative obligations can be irregular and volatile, placing a burden on your team, especially during audit processes. Our team can reduce this complexity, ensure compliance and implement accurate, structured record-keeping. We go beyond simply helping you obtain certifications by continuing to plan and execute energy improvements that meet evolving standards and regulations.

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