The Basics

Egotia’s proven system redirects a portion of current monthly energy expenses into facility enhancements that improve operations and reliability while reducing costs.  We allow our customers to free up additional capital by eliminating energy waste via technological and engineering upgrades and improvements.

We approach each project from a financial perspective giving our customers the opportunity to enjoy an entire list of long term benefits with a variety of creative funding and financing options. Egotia is rate of return driven.  Our customers recognize instant energy cost savings, proven improvements in operating reliability, reductions in equipment replacement timeframes, and lower service costs.  We give our customers increased bottom line savings for years to come.

The Egotia system has exclusively positive effects
  • Motors run cooler
  • Light bulbs and ballasts run cooler
  • Transformers, panels, switchgear, breakers, starters, and controls run cooler
  • SCR’s, diodes, switching transistors, and microprocessors run cooler
  • Switching power supplies are more stable
  • Process and production controls are more accurate and reliable
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration is more effective and reliable
  • Decrease in the cost of In-house and outside maintenance and repairs
  • Decrease cost of equipment repair and maintenance
  • Decrease cost of light bulb and ballast replacement
  • Decrease costs to production or process downtime
  • Safer, more secure computer data
  • Increase in stability/reliability of computer performance
  • Increase in reliability of communication systems
  • PC screens flicker less
  • Lights flicker less
  • Circuit breakers trip less

Egotia’s transparent pricing and detailed execution plan eliminates hidden costs and helps avoid unexpected complications.  Our project managers are sensitive to system downtime and critical installation deadlines with minimal disturbance or employment involvement. Our experienced team is dedicated to accommodating the requirements of your project including: 24/7 operating schedules, mission critical loads or building areas, high security or high risk areas, extreme sanitation or contamination regulations.

Egotia’s performance claims:
  • Drastically improve operating efficiency of your energy systems
  • Reduced cost in the maintenance, repair, and replacement of your equipment
  • Lower cost of lighting maintenance
  • Increase the reliability of production processes
  • Reduce downtime
  • Balance and tune entire building’s energy performance

Egotia’s customers enjoy 8%-30% electricity bill reductions that are financed and guaranteed by a third party insurance policy.

The Whole Facility

The Egotia system addresses your entire facility in one project. Our work is unique, and we build upon your pre-existing and implemented energy mitigation system.

We focus on correcting the existing electrical system regardless of current equipment or lighting loads. If you currently have energy management devices installed designed to cycle their operation, our system can be overlaid on the pre-existing work and still gain the full savings range of between 8% and 30%.

Our Assessment will identify nameplate data from individual pieces of equipment to help determine the electrical loading and the type of loading in various building branch circuits. We may also take electrical measurements, perform infrared system inspection, and gather electrical system layout information from various electrical panels and transformers. Our engineers will use this information to determine the recommendations within your Egotia Proposal.

Egotia corrects the electrical system, not the loads.  Motor and equipment loads receive the same or improved voltage, waveform, and current supply after our work as they had before our work.

Egotia’s Financial Approach

The Egotia system is a unique financial proposition. We assess proposed facilities to identify various points of energy inefficiencies. We offer an exceptional opportunity for you to enjoy better operations and lowered utility costs. Our one-time project completely pays for itself from the savings it generates. Egotia fully guarantees the proposed savings with an insurance policy.

Our thorough implementation and installation process is executed without negatively impacting the your business operations. The Egotia system is an ‘invisible’ method of lowering electricity costs with no additional employee training or involvement or cycling of current equipment.

Egotia focuses on reducing the entire electrical system load and energy system improvements. The end result is a much improved and more efficient facility. Our process cuts maintenance costs, creates less repair and replacement, less downtime, and improves production time.

Egotia delivers a single turnkey project that:
  • Does not involve the cycling of loads
  • Does not require employee involvement or training
  • Is durable, with a 10 year warranty
  • Improves the reliability and power quality of your facility
  • Has exclusively positive effects
  • Includes a fully insured guarantee for savings

Egotia’s installation and implementation process is completed at one time.  Egotia aggregates all of the savings from the bits and pieces of improvements into one substantial total savings.  We perform the installation and provide an insurance policy that guarantees your savings.